A team of experts in cloud management for a fraction of the cost of only one employee!

R&D to continuously improve the quality of our services

FORMATIQUE deployed many resources to advance its entirely private cloud IT environment solution.

We have developed some very advanced storage volume optimization, inter-server transmission archives and automatic conversion and updating of cloud infrastructures. The result replaces the Windows desktop infrastructure of each customer by a virtual machine service platform (VM) operated by "hypervisor" software systems we optimize on physical servers to technically control the level of delivery service.

As businesses entrust us with their entire IT environment, all these advances have been developed with rigorous and perfectly mastered processes, with a high level of reliability, of performance and above all, at an affordable cost to SMBs of all sizes.

Innovation, creativity and technology are what we represent!

Éric Lannier and Daniel Ranger
Éric Lannier
Associate President
Daniel Ranger
Associate Director, Technology

Our mission

At Formatique, we believe that IT services for small and medium businesses should be simple and within reach.

Our personalized and human approach allows our customers to leave the management and maintenance of their IT systems to us and finally focus on what they do best: running their business.

We are a partner with recognized skills and are committed to providing you with a highly efficient IT department.

Our Office

Based in Boisbriand, at the intersection of highways 640 and 15, we offer our services in Montreal and its surroundings. Although the majority of our interventions are done through the Internet, we appreciate meeting and knowing our customers.

At FORMATIQUE, our eyes are constantly fixed on the future. We want to see what is behind the cloud, the next horizon, the next "STAR". We are not content to remain in place. We are IT explorers in search of new and innovative technologies and new trends for the benefit of our customers and partners so they can improve their performance and profitability.

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Ready? Get a quote.

Your business acquires a known MS Windows environment for an unlimited number of users and your software and data in clouds.

Because of our efficient working methods and a stable and completely controlled environment, the number of IT support calls decrease significantly.

You'll only need a minimum of local equipment (computers, routers, switches) that only serves to connect to your cloud-based IT environment. You'll be done with updates, viruses, backups. We take care of everything!

Your IT department

FORMATIQUE is a unique and friendly stop for IT implementation, maintenance and servicing of your SMB.

Founded in 2009, we have helped more than 350 clients and resolved thousands of computer problems. The FORMATIQUE LAB is based on the North Shore and we service Montreal and its surroundings.

To contact us

35 3rd Avenue
Boisbriand (Quebec)  J7G 1Z4
Local call: 450 280-2433
Toll free: 877 771-2433
Technical support:service@formatique.com
General inquiries:info@formatique.com

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